God’s Gofer Chapter 18

New Chapter!
Wuthering Waves needs to be handled as a case study for the launch of future major gacha games.

The latest drama seems to stem from a mistranslation in Japanese of one of the weapon effect descriptions which had caused people to incorrectly invest in it, forcing them to do refunds to people for their gacha purchases.

Not wanting to take the loss, the company offered the refunds, but then deducted the refunded from your in game currency… throwing accounts that used the refunds into negative balance… essentially forcing them to have to buy what they refunded to be able to properly progress the game anyway…
THEN to make matters worse they sent an email to EVERYONE that refunded without using BCC, so there is just an email sitting in everyones inbox now with everyone elses email on…

And this is only the latest drama! That’s not even mentioning everything else that happened so far!

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