God’s Gofer Chapter 16

New Chapter!
My friend dragged me back to Star Rail yesterday and uh… it’s a bit of a mess.
I quit the game almost exactly a year ago, so my team is completely all over the place.
I hadn’t started relic farming either so nobody has proper gear. I think I was min-maxing traces and starting to level different characters?
Well basically it’s a mess, I still only have one healer and it’s Natasha from the start of the game…

I have however been making progress on catching up with the story!
I’ve reached the 2.1 update! Honestly I am amazed I’ve made it this far into the story with the four (4) characters I actually have levelled…
Can you imagine my suffering? I had to fight that stabby death dream monster that had a DOT gimmick with two preservation and two hunt characters!!!!
I have no idea how I am going to handle the bosses that follow this…

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