The Villainess’ Guide Chapter 37

New Chapter!

It has become increasingly clear these days so I’ll just come out and say it;

Yes, I do use ChatGPT to assist with my translation. I have been using ChatGPT to help me with my work for a while now, not just translating, but in proofreading as well. It is a pretty handy tool but it does have its own quirks and weird habits. Not that human is any different in that regards anyway. I have been working with several translators and I noticed everyone has their own unique habits in writing.

But I digress, back to the topic at hand, I’ve been letting slip many obvious signs such as the gender pronouns, the names, and heck, I even included the prompt in the last chapter. What this tells me is that maybe doing 5 chapters per day is too much as my attention span wanes and allows more error to slip through. I’ll try to keep adjusting though and try to find the right balance between quality and quantity.

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