The Villainess’ Guide Chapter 1

New Chapter!

This is the rewrite of The Self-cultivation After Becoming a Villain Girl, with major plot changes.

Hello everyone, Silva here. It’s been quite some time since I last took on translation work—several years, in fact. Since the launch of Project Gender Bender, my role shifted more towards management and proofreading, ensuring that all novels were polished before passing them on to the editors for the final review and publication.

As I’ve previously shared with our Patreon community, I’m currently facing a personal financial challenge. In light of this, I’m exploring opportunities to return to translation work. To facilitate a smooth transition back into this field, I’ve started working on this teaser project. This not only marks my re-entry into translating but also serves as a step to refine my skills and adapt to the demands of translation once again.

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