Fourteen Moons Chapter 16

Hi everyone, TearCRF here…
TLDR – I was depressed, had writers block, was busy with work, and outlined arc 2. I’m back and sorry about my hiatus.

So… I think the passing of my grandfather back in September hit me harder than I initially thought and it took quite a toll on me. So much so that it wasn’t just writing that I put on hold. I stopped talking with my friends and basically disappeared for four months with the only exception being that I still went to work.

As for my writers block, I KNOW that I don’t write well when going off script and I’m just free-writing, so back in September I altered chapter 17 a bit and had to add more onto the chapter. In doing so, it changed my outline and once I started looking at it, I knew that I needed to figure out arc 2 before I kept writing, but I just kept putting it off.

During November and December, work became really busy and I was working about twice my normal hours which after January hit I was able to relax a bit. I then started looking at the story again and I re-read everything that I already posted. I listed all my plot points and from there started properly outlining arc 2, which is completed except for the finale… (I feel like there should be another chapter before the finale but I’m drawing a blank as for what it should be)

With all of that said, I’m doing better now mentally and with arc 2 ready, I should be able to post weekly at least until May-ish. Hopefully, I will properly manage my work this time and figure out arc 3 before arc 2 ends so I can just continue posting weekly without any hiatus (however I am also considering taking a week or 2 break between arcs just to give myself some time to finalize the adjustments).

In other news, I also spent some time during the hiatus to start flirting with some of my other stories. I have 4 on the backburner but I don’t have enough ready to start writing any of them yet. I’m hoping that at some point this year, at least 1, possibly 2 of them I start working on in addition to continuing Fourteen Moons.

PS- I’m sure there’s something I forgot to put in the above blurb that I’ll put in chapter 18’s author notes.

After a four month hiatus, I’m overjoyed to say (type?)…
Hope you enjoyed the chapter, and as always, stay healthy, stay safe, and sleeps for reading.

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