Alchemist Startover Chapter 24

New Chapter!
Yamato 3199 got a trailer, seems like the Japanese release is July.
Couldn’t tell if it’s going the route of the previous release and doing a theatrical first then being split for TV or the original release and doing TV first then combined for theatrical. I did find one place saying it would be 7 films, which sounds insane but it adds up, I think 2202 was like that.
From the garbled google translate article I found for it, they seem to be using a lot of the setup for Be Forever Yamato as per the namesake.
I hope they fix some of the really weird plotholes and weak developments. The original was a singular movie so multiplying the runtime means they can really focus on fleshing out the narrative.

I have high hopes for it. 2199 and 2205 were really good, I didn’t enjoy 2202 very much at all in comparison though.

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