Silver Dragon Vol. 1 Chapter 13

New Chapter!
Ayeeee lesss go I manage to scrape together the motivation, banzai, banzai, banzai. In all seriousness tho this is actually because I failed a math quiz and needed something to draw my attention away while also allowing me to feel somewhat productive. Basically saying I’m not back to a normal schedule and I know I sound like or I guess it’d be read like a broken clock by now but still same old I’ll try to upload when school isn’t killing me. On a bright note tho, I dunno if anyone is a league and T1 fan but I am kind of a T1 fanboy and T1 just 3-0’d LNG huuuuuggeeee. Maybe I should be rooting for the LPL teams since I’m chinese but screw that supporting your own nation jazzzzzzz I ain’t communist T1 FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On another note I completely for got that the author doesn’t immediately use jasmine instead of Mo Li for when Mo Li changes into a girl so ignore my previous comment like 9 chaps back. Also this chap went on to remind me how much I actually appreciate the fact that the author doesn’t just constantly ramble about boo hoo I’m a girl like every other novel it’s nice. Like it ain’t completely gone it’s just not over stressed which I appreciate. (PS I hope to not regret saying this later as my exact memories are a bit hazy…)

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