Silver Dragon Vol. 1 Chapter 10

New Chapter!
Aight sooo I’m panicking inside because of the start of college again. I always kinda have a minor panic attack at the start of the term and end of the term sooo yay but here we go chapter 10. Like tbf I forgot but I honestly kinda feel bad for the subordinates in this chapter like I understand that as an assassin you need to be ready to die as is what comes with the job but like man it really feels like the extras just got screwed over by their overly cocky leader tbh. But anyway enjoy the chapter oh wait I just remembered I was tired and didn’t feel like putting it in the tl note so I’ll just ask here but like I translated 小鬼 as rascal but I have seen people translate it as little devil before which I don’t really like too much since it’s kinda wrong IMO but I was wondering if anyone had preferences or suggestions on what it should be translated as. but anyways this time for real enjoy the chapter. bye bye.

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