Silver Dragon Vol. 1 Chapter 7

Yay Not late this time huge win, how’s everyone doing I’ve completely neutered my sleep schedule this past week considering it’s 9:31pm rn and I’m essentially saying Gm to ya’ll but ya know. Also I’m a huge ultraman fan well ok less of a modern day fan but more like a fanboy of the older stuff like around Taro and ofc my boy tiga but was at bestbuy spending some gift cards on a keyboard oh ya new keyboard btb anyway as I was saying at bestbuy found a steelbook original ultraman bluray for sale and best thing it was only 12 buck soo insta buy ofc just thought that was really cool fact. Also suffering in being new with FFXIV barely any dungeon to run for the 10th ani event tombstone very sad. Another point chinese is a really annoying language sometimes because like how the hell am I supposed to translate things when saying them in english makes no sense like when’s the last time you’ve heard of someone saying yes I’m going to pull your tendons out in english. like sure it technically makes sense yes but like noone says that. Anyway I’ve rambled enough enjoy the chapter and good news were finally almost out of the Elsa talking to Mo Li/Jasmine arc… I say arc even tho it ain’t an arc but like it honestly just feels like a hella long exposition that never ends but were almost there. Tbf My slow upload speeds don’t help but heyyy we’re almost reading the story lesssss gooooo!!!!

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