I’m still an MMO Junkie Chapter 5

Thanks for waiting! After the one month and a half period of rest, here’s the next chapter. Thanks to that, I have built a stockpile of 5 next chapters. The schedule will return to once per week, like the previous schedule. I also plan on taking advantage of HTML and CSS coding in the future, so you may see some cosmetic changes in the next chapter. Also, I replaced “Experienced Girl” with “Sagacious Girl”. The original, “老練たる少女”, means a girl who has gained experience through age. I thought “Experienced” would be a good translation, since it literally means “Experienced”, but my proofreader came up with “Elder Child”, which does sound cool. However, I don’t feel the sense of experience from the word “Elder”, so someone else came up with “Sagacious”. Let me know what you think in the comment below. By the way, “Expert Girl”, “Veteran Girl”, “Accomplished Girl” were amongst the candidates. Also, let me know what do you think of the status board table. I plan to put any system log into a box too, like what I Was Heartbroken, so I Became A VTuber do. I recommend reading this, whether at V-rus website or at re-library. I think that the color scheme is best read in light mode though.

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