Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 730

By the time this goes live the Steam Christmas Sale should have started. So I’m gonna throw down some of my suggestions for you to pick up.

Planet Crafter – Will probably be on sale, not sure how much it will be, but it’s a good relaxing builder game. And it’s fun seeing your wasteland of a planet go from Mars to Earth as you progressively perfect the terraforming process. Great for people who want that base building experience with none of the pressure and some slight survival elements.

Haven – Honestly I don’t think I can summarise this one very well, so just go look it up and see if it’s for you. It usually drops a lot in price for sales, so I doubt this sale is any different.

Tears of Avia – An indie JRPG that is criminally underrated, I absolutely love this game, it’s an indie JRPG so obviously, don’t expect anything groundbreaking but I had a lot of fun. Some of the reviews are strangely critical, and one review is by a guy who somehow missed the entire mechanic of recruiting new members to your party. Absolute imbecile. The game is already like 10 bucks so the discount will make it super cheap, honestly just get it! And leave a good review! Say I sent you too, I speak to the dev on discord sometimes.

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