Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 685

I ended up accidentally doing a lot of work on my Stellaris mod today, even though there wasn’t much to do.
I ended up sucked into a rabbit hole of wiki pages and lore and videos, trying to get the flavour of a piece of tech down.
And then after that I decided to revisit my idea list and see if anything really stood out.

Well nothing small did, just some long term projects I might do.
At the very least I did get the ARGO System tech implemented, so now everyone can do the asteroid ring defence trick!
It was actually a fun one to concept, an alternative armour method, I had a few ideas on how to do it, such as having the game check if the system you were in had asteroids before applying the bonus, but in the end I decided to go simple and just have it give a flat bonus to armour and a partial bonus to armour regen.

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