Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 684

So the new Star Trek Picard trailer showcased the Enterprise F, and that guy who won the Design The Next Enterprise competition for Star Trek Online in 2011 must be over the moon because they decided to canonise the Odyssey Class from that.

Imagine not only only winning a competition get your design included as both the flagship and playable vessel in the online game, but also ten years later having it showcased on television.

I do have to say that I was quite mad at one of the news articles that was very dismissive of the entire thing, it seemed like they were trying to be neutral but they kept adding in snide comments like “call me crazy but the E looks better” and “they didn’t even design a new class” with “it came from an old video game” before going to compare the ship lengths like somehow the 400m extra the F has somehow invalidates it.

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