Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 681

My Stellaris mod breached 800 active users!
Well it’s still a far far cry from my most download Skyrim mod which reached 800 users in just six days.
Last time I checked it, there were 3000 users I think?
And a total of 10,000+ downloaders.

Well given that I made that mod ten years ago and barely understood what I was doing beyond throwing numbers together I think that’s impressive honestly.
Though I definitely could do with a better user retention rate.

I’m quite comfortable with my Stellaris mods popularity as is though, no pressure or anything and its my own whims anyway.
Though I do wish that my extra content mod for my mod had better reviews. It has a three star rating! That makes it look terrible!
But it only has two negative reviews! The weighting is totally not fair!

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» Vol. 6: Chapter 14 «

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