Ragweed Princess Chapter 1 (Part 2)

It’s a new month and that means one more chapter of Ragweed Princess! For now we still do not have a fixed schedule for this webnovel, but we are already splitting the monthly commission of 10x Hero King chapters to 5x Hero King chapters + 5x Ragweed Princess chapters.

We will eventually finish translating all available chapters of Hero King (unless the author posts more new chapters) so we plan to slowly phase out Hero King‘s timeslot and replace it with Ragweed Princess.

For now, Hero King‘s schedule will remain the same 2x per week and Ragweed Princess will be 1x per month until September. At that time we will decide if we want to do 1x Hero King and 1x Ragweed Princess per week, or 2x Ragweed Princess per week with irregular Hero King chapters.

For now however, if you have the money, you can receive 5x Hero King and 5x Ragweed Princess per month on Patreon by subscribing to the Hero King/Ragweed Princess tier for $3 monthly!

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