Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 608

Hello everyone!
Big news!
I’m thinking of commission some art from this novel from an artist I really like, but therein lies a problem!
The art will probably be done next month, that is to say July. Which is all fine.

But what do you guys want drawn! I’ll give you a month to work it out amongst yourselves in the comments below.
Closer to the time we will pool the most popular options and throw a poll on patreon for good measure!

So here’s the process! For three weeks you can comment the best scenes from this novel you want art for!
Any content is fine! I mean any!
Then patreon will get to weigh in on their personal favourites too.
Then I will completely ignore all of it and pick my favourite.
Then it will go to the artist!

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» Vol. 5: Chapter 117 «

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