Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 62

I thought things were going well but it turns out I’m rather struggling to adapt to working.
My mindset of trying to avoid problems and getting in peoples way is causing me to get experience slowly.
And due to my lack of experience and trying to avoid getting in the way, they’re perceiving me as slacking off.
I can see why it would appear that way, because I am trying to hide away from everyone else, but the reasoning is backwards.

I’m not hiding to slack off, I’m slacking off because I can’t find things to do without getting in the way.
And the one task they did deliberately assign me I apparently took too long doing, and I’m still not entirely sure how I could have done it faster.

I have six months of placement time guaranteed but I definitely think I will be going back to job hunting after this, and as it stands my anxiety for working has only increased.

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