Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 29

My stellaris mod on the workshop has now reached a grand total of 22 new technologies.
Not a stunning amount but I’m quite proud at my first attempt after a week of just reverse-engineering existing code. So far there’s only been one problem I couldn’t directly solve and had to settle for a substitute with.

The total is 11 weapons, 6 techs, 2 components, 1 army, 1 building and 1 brand new feature.
I was considering adding another version of that extra feature, but since I couldn’t get it to do exactly what I wanted the other version would be a bit too overpowered.

The idea was so that if you had a ship in orbit it’d give modifiers to the planet below, but I couldn’t get it to remove the modifier when the ship left orbit. So I had to stick it on a timer.
However that would nullify the decision making of “is it worth leaving a ship in orbit” if all you had to do was put it on a patrol route of all your planets to trigger the timed modifier repeatedly on all of them.

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