Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 26

I meant to schedule these chapters hours ago but I got stuck binge watching that anime about Miyuki from Godsuya’s series.
I’m sure you know what I mean.

Ah but today was tiring.
I was roleplaying Star Trek stuff on Stellaris and kept getting annoyed that Stellaris weapon logic goes opposite to Star Trek weapon logic.
So I had the bright idea of adding in the technologies for Star Trek style weapons repurposing existing assets and rejigging the stats.
It turned into a several hour nightmare to prevent the game crashing on launch.
And then it just turned out that Stellaris was just too rigid!

I mean…
They force you to use missile assets on torpedo type weapons! Even though there’s no logical reason why an energy ball can’t be the visual.
Well I mean I could still achieve the result if I went and dragged out the various graphical entities for the energy ball and made a copy as a missile type…
But that’s too much hard work for someone like me who’s any experience coding is just shuffling numbers around!

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