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New Year Update & Future Plans

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 516

The Stellaris mod I work on got updated.
Currently it’s only two of the smaller stories I worked on.

That’s an event chain for the Red Dawn origin based around Mars and Earth.
-The event chain adds some simple rewards and is mostly for roleplay, in which you restore the ISS 2
The entire On The Edge origin, which converts aspects of Frostpunk over to Stellaris for roleplay and theming.
-Your homeworld is facing an ice age! Do what you can to survive before it freezes over!
And the Three Body Problem origin, which is a much smaller origin and event mostly for aesthetic purposes, based on the book by the same name.
-Not actually sure how this one got implemented yet. There were a lot of conditional things in my draft which might have been exchanged or removed.

I might work on expanding them with player feedback.

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» Vol. 5: Chapter 26 «

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