Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 493

So in this pre-chapter ramble for Re:Start I discussed maybe starting Arknights.
Well anyway, today I went through the effort of redownloading that emulator and dragging myself through the bios settings again because I upgraded my motherboard some months ago.
Did all the usual jazz.
And installed it.

The game is…
How to put it.
The story is serviceable, there are some weird holes in the lore of the world that are baffling but that is expected of anachronistic settings.
The gameplay however is a bit, it feels uneven.
Some levels feel really trivial and then others are like:
“Aha we lulled you into a false sense of security and now we’re going to screw you over unless you take time to level up even more characters.”

I’m going to keep going and hope that I just get into the swing of things, but when I know I’m having an off time with the tutorial content I don’t have much hope for the late game balance honestly.

It didn’t help that my first happy gacha moment was ruined by it being a dude. I got cockblocked.

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