Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 464

My multiplayer Stellaris campaign has gotten interesting.
So first someone opened the L-Gates and it was pandemonium. Nobody, I mean nobody, had the power to stand up to the nanite onslaught that followed.
There was one AI empire hanging in there because it spawned from an event and thus had some advantages.

But right when I was dealing with the goo on my own… the Khanate appeared!
What a nightmare!
I managed to solo the khanate with my juggernaut while using my other fleets to hold the goo back. Before they rendezvoused and completed the final push.
Barely, barely managed to clear the cluster with my juggernaut surviving at the last second due to the factory being destroyed.

Then after that we had another mid-game crisis event appear which left a huge gap in the galaxy creating a new manifest destiny gold rush for systems.
Luckily the aftermath earned me the position of Custodian in recognition for my efforts in all of them.

And now we have a war in heaven happening right on my borders! And I own the cluster so it’s a logsitical nightmare to manage who’s attacking where!

And then the final crisis should be in little over 40 years of game time!

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