Blue Sky Chapter 116

The past couple of days I’ve been obsessively working on an update for a Stellaris mod.
Honestly it’s become almost crippling!
I completely forgot that I wanted to stream today because I spent a full five hours writing out different branch points.

The actual contents of what I’m working on is a pair of event chains for an origin mod.
I can’t actually mod, and have no experience with Stellaris beyond writing some flavour text in the past.
So what I did was throw together some material as an outline with all the dialogue and text boxes.
Then someone smarter than me will turn that into actual gameplay.

Honestly for how long they take to concept and write, they’re probably not gonna be a big deal to players though.
I hope at least someone enjoys them.
The only problem is that they might mess with a couple of bits of the base game, since it needs a determined system nearby to trigger.

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