Pupil of the Wiseman Chapter 94 (Part 2)

Here’s this week’s chapter.

Forgot to add when initially posting. A second teaser for this novel’s anime and a confirmed release date, Jan 2022! Just a couple of months left!! Man I can’t wait for it. Just hope it does the novel justice. (´ ∀ ` *)

Here’s the teaser for those who haven’t watched it: https://youtu.be/GLfSZvY0Gnc
First teaser: https://youtu.be/dDJ6TroorsM

Anyways, enjoy!

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» Chapter 94 (Part 2) «

Second part of Chapter 57. Enjoy!

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» Chapter 57 (Part 2) «

Little off-topic but we’ve gotten some reports that some are seeing full screen/intrusive ads, especially when changing tabs. We’re trying to pinpoint the problem, but so far, no luck. And so, I’m doing a bit of a survey so we can see how many people are experiencing this. The survey is optional. If you have spare time and don’t mind divulging some information, please help us out!

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