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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 412

I’m catching up on the story content for Genshin now.
Finished all the main story and the character stories (except Xiao which I’ll do today) as well as all of Noelle’s hangouts.

I get that they couldn’t have solid continuity for the hangouts given all the alternate endings, but it was a bit of a shame that the second one didn’t reference the first much other than acknowledge that you have met before.
Noelle is cute though, I really need to work out a priority order for the characters I want to build.

I’m doing Mona currently because she’s a 5 star and would react with Keqing.
But I also need to do Fischl, Xiangling, Noelle, Albedo, Barbara and Jean… and some others…

Also I want Eula. I managed to stop myself playing to roll for her because I knew I’d spend money but now I regret not playing and spending money.

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