Pupil of the Wiseman Chapter 83 (Part 3)

New chapter, enjoy! Oh and, someone in our Discord server brought this up, if you aren’t in, what are you doing? It’s a fun server! Anyways, they suggested putting illustrations from the Light Novel into chapters that suits it. I’ve already done that with Wild Last Boss, though that is a novel we only host and not translate. If you guys want me to do it, do let me know in the comments!

Mars fact of the day: By the time you’re reading this, NASA and JPL’s Mars rover, Perseverance, will either be landing in around 2 hours, is in the process of landing, or has already landed.

Landing a rover on Mars is not as easy you may have thought. The process of “Entry, Descent and Landing” (EDL) or dubbed by NASA, “the seven minutes of terror” is an incredibly difficult process. Anything that goes wrong even slightly can break the whole mission. Everything needs to be perfect, it’s a make or break scenario. In addition, people from Earth can’t help the landing whatsoever because it takes 11 minutes for the speed of light to travel from Earth to Mars. So it’s all on the rover. I hope this goes well!

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» Chapter 83 (Part 3) «

First part of chapter 48. I feel pretty sad about Mira’s summons because of her long disappearance. Anyways, enjoy!

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» Chapter 48 (Part 1) «

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