Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 337

I wasn’t sure what to write about for this one, I had a few ideas but none of them felt like I could manage a decent paragraph on.
So I decided it’d be fun to write about the light novels I’m reading at the moment.
I recently finished a binge to catch up on a couple of web novels and decided to give a couple of titles from J-Novel a shot after.

I decided to go with Failure Magician because it seemed like Fushi no Kami. Honestly, not impressed.
It’s rare for me to not like a J-Novel title in this way but the writing fell really flat and uninspiring, probably won’t purchase it.
The other was Other World Magic Is Too Far Behind, I read the web novel translation back in the day and seeing it was on catch up gave me the chance to well, catch up!
It’s about as I remember so I can’t wait to get to wherever it was that I left off.

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