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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 115 Part 2

For some reason today I found myself watching Magi’s Grandson.
Don’t know why I felt the need to rewatch that.
Okay well I do know…I just wanted some feel good isekai power fantasy.

Actually that novel was one of my earliest reads online, and one of the first isekais I read.
It’s left a huge impression on me and is still the template I call back to when imagining the best story I could ever read.
I really love the science and magic components, and a few of the tropes really stand out to me as well.
I almost ripped it off entirely when writing one of my first web novel attempts, When Science And Magic Go To War, which was about a dropout science undergraduate getting a tour of a military base from his friend in the navy and accidentally getting themselves thrown into a world of magic when they interact with a weird meteor in storage there.

It used quite a lot of the same formula, and has become the basis for one of my ongoing multiverse fantasies which I use frequently for RPG settings.
Notable the Axiom Foundation, which is founded by the two characters I just mentioned after getting isekaid twice over. The purpose being to collate mankinds achievements and knowledge from multiple worlds in order to protect the ongoing legacy.

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