Chapter 115 – Actually, I Think This is the First Time I Participated in Actual Battle Part 2

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3096 characters
Translator: Mii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1422 words

Letting them enter like this would be bad, so I wanted to push the flock of demons back, or decrease their number. Let’s just go there and rampage.

First‌, I should start from the most jammed place. I snipe the heads of the bears who were rampaging with pebbles, blowing them off. Next was the wild boars and deers that broke through the barrier.

I didn’t hesitate to keep shooting, running straight from east to west. Of course, Norn and Bell also didn’t stay quiet.

Norn, who was carrying me, couldn’t jump to the demons, so she used lightning magic to pinpoint the demons. Using wind magic in this dense area might break the adventurers into pieces, so she thoughtfully didn’t use it.

On the contrary, Bell went on a rampage. She jumped from a demon to another one, biting their throat and decapitating them using wind magic… When did this child become this strong?

Watching Norn and Bell’s matchlessness made me feel a bit complicated, but actually, I was quite scared.

I knew I would be safe since I was riding on Norn, but I was afraid that the demons would jump right onto me. It’s okay since Norn would avoid them, but… In general, I was only sniping the opponents from a long distance in all the battles I had participated so far. When the enemies approached me, either Norn and Bell would guard me.

That’s why this was the first time I dashed into a lot of enemies this time… Even if I had [Mental Tolerance] skill, something scary was still scary.

As I wondered how many times I had to experience these things to get used to the battlefield, I grew depressed instead.

… When I thought about such things, I could hear the adventurers behind me shouting. Apparently, they were telling their friends ‌I was on their side.

After I went straight to the battlefield, the number of demons started to slightly decrease. Maybe they were retreating to make a new plan? However, they also seemed to be at a loss, unsure about what to do.

Knowing that the adventurers should rebuild their defense line, I ran into the center of the battlefield again and completely separated the demons and the defense line.

I ran around in the same way as before, prioritizing to kill the bears. Looking back, it seemed that I successfully separated the demons and the defense line.

Now then, the situation finally returned to the starting point. I got off Norn here and stood on alert. That being said, I sniped the small fries with my long-range attack. Instead, I asked Norn and Bell to run straight into the flock of demons again and rampage, defeating the boss, White Fang.

Would I be fine without Norn and Bell next to me? It’s okay, I’m using barrier magic to overcome anything! It was level 4, so it should be able to handle most things, but… I also dealt with the enemies, making sure they couldn’t approach me.

In the first place, the prerequisite for victory in this defense battle was to earn time until the subjugation force returned. I should be able to handle this until then.

Around thirty minutes after separating with Norn and becoming a fixed artillery, Triela and the others rushed to me from behind.

“Haa, haa! Ren, are you okay!?”
“I’m fine.”

Everyone was running out of breath. Apparently, they ran all the way here. They couldn’t even start a conversation, so I gave them time to calm their breathing first.

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“Fuu… Anyway, what happened here?”
“I started a rampage to bring down the enemies. After that, the adventurers also decreased. They were probably rebuilding the defense power. Once they were done, I think we could handle this.”

From what I saw in a distance, Norn occasionally used wide area offensive magic to blast the demons at once. Thanks to that, we were putting up a good fight. However, the number of demons ‌kept increasing again and again, so we probably hadn’t grasped the balance.

After sniping without a break, I ‌felt exhausted. It would be nice if Norn beat the White Fang early on… But it seemed like too many demons surrounded the boss, making it very hard to approach.

Was there any way to break through? Should I give up and shoot the burst daggers?

Around the time when things became troublesome and my thoughts started heading to the slightly dangerous area, the adventurers ‌I helped before approached me.

“Ohh, you seem to be doing well… Your familiars are amazing! We’re saved thanks to you!”

“Is that so?” I didn’t try to humor them and immediately asked about the situation on the battlefield.

It seemed like we were in the lead for now. However, even if we pushed the demons back, they had injured many people, so it was ‌difficult. Hmmm…

“I understand. Please take this.”

It would be easier to push them back at once rather than to play endurance battle. That’s why I took out a sizable amount of recovery potion in my [Storage], stuffed it in a leather bag, and handed it over. Three hundred should be enough in the meantime.

“These are… potions? And this many!? Are you sure about this!?”
“We’re in a special situation.”

However, I almost didn’t lose anything except for the effort of making the potions. I could make them again after this, and I could also collect herbs easily. In the first place, considering the stock in my [Storage], the amount I just handed over wasn’t very significant compared to my stock. So I didn’t mind.

“Everything is mid-rank. Are they enough?”
“Mid-rank!? Are you serious!? It is not only more than enough, but we can even push the demons back at once!”

Ohh. Then please immediately go back and do something, okay? I wasn’t accustomed to this kind of situation, so I was completely exhausted. I wanted to go home soon.

While watching the adventures run back, my hands didn’t stop sniping. For the time being, Triela and the other girls were guarding my surroundings, but I didn’t plan to let them fight too closely with them. In the first place, everyone entered my barrier, so there’s no danger. Maybe.

“Ren, are you sure about giving them so many potions?”
“It’s fine. I have more.”

Triela hummed in amazement. Rico and Arle looked at my sniping seriously. Kuro was watching the surroundings. Once the recovery of the injured people and reorganization of the defense formation were done, everyone attacked at once.

From what I observed with [Hawk’s Eyes], they were trying to focus on attacking White Fang. As I supported them with my sniping and watched the situation, I could see Norn and Bell jumping high. They were probably attacking the White Fang.

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Shortly thereafter, there was a cheer. Apparently, Norn decapitated White Fang’s neck. I could hear someone shouting that over there.

It was easy after the demons’ boss had been defeated. The phase ‌turned into a sweeping battle. Since the demons had lost their leader, they were at a loss of what to do.

I had been prioritizing the bears, which were the most dangerous. We should be able to win unless there’s anything extreme coming up.

Instead of earning some time, we ‌defeated them. But no one would mind, right?

When the victory mood drifted, some guards made a racket around the north gate. The adventurers and other guards who listened to them grew perplexed… Did something happen? What should I do? Should I ask them?… Hmm.

When I was wondering if I should go over there to listen, the adventurer I helped before ran to me at a quick pace and told me.

… Apparently, the boss of the demons that went to the town wasn’t White Fang. The messenger who had collapsed woken up and conveyed the accurate information. So the real boss wasn’t White Fang…

At that time, I could hear a rumble of the earth from a distance. It was far… but not really that far‌.

That sound resonated with a certain rhythm… like the tempo of a person walking. The source of the sound came from the forest. I looked closely at the forest, only to see a gigantic tree.

The tree looked like it was gradually approaching us… no, it definitely was.

That was not a tree. That was…

“… Giant.”

What appeared was a giant with a size many times larger than me, stepping down the surrounding trees.


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