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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 112

So a friend of mine gave me Age of Wonders Planetfall and Battlestar Galactica Deadlock this weekend.
Planetfall, as expected of a Paradox game, has a whole lot of complexity and a distinct lack of explanation.
It’s an interesting blend of Command and Conquer, Civlization and XCOM for sure but…

Man there’s a lot of technical terms and game mechanics that you just have to…sort of learn for yourself.
Especially when it comes to the technology and unit types. Until you get there yourself you just have to sort of guess what they do.

Speaking of XCOM, I finally decided to give XCOM 2 another chance after failing so badly at it on launch that I sort of just gave up playing.
I also want to try doing a narrative version of Stellaris again soon.

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