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So are you guys on top of the “nii-nii” vs “big brudder” debate?
I think it’s very interesting personally.

So an anime episode recently translated “nii-nii” as “big brudder”
And I get what they were going for…
And also understand that there is absolutely no English equivalent to “nii-nii” which is basically a childish and endearing way of saying “onii-” which only has the close equivalent of “big brother”.
But I can feel part of my soul dying imaging someone actually calling their brother “big brudder”.

On the flip side they can’t leave it as “nii-nii” because then it’s not a translation at all…

Insert tired joke of “Transators Note: Nakama means comrade but I decided to leave it as the original because it has more emotional impact this way”

The internet seems quite divided on the matter.
Although it seems to be degrading into:
“People don’t want good translations, they just want validation that they’re a true fan” vs “This is cringey as hell please just use the terms we’re used to”!
In this scenario anyway I lean towards the cringe faction, but I’m already too deep in this rabbit hole to have an impartial opinion and translations aren’t made to service me they’re supposed to make the medium accessible to a larger audience.

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