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Two as One Princesses Chapter 52

Hiya~! Another weekend, another close update sweating… However, as prophesised by the ancient ones (still me), AinCiel-turday is here!
Last time on AinCiel: Singing Ain ~ the great diva ~! And then after the concert, our new characters finally introduced! With several minutes of chatting, we have the info about wolves: Divine Messengers in the past??? Also, Guild Master is getting a bit more enigmatic, hmmm. Also also, stalker once more?! Now then:
What will happen this time? Will our enigmatic Guild Master appear in this chapter? What is this stalker planning? And will our princesses have some flirting time again?
Find out in the next chapter: Stalker, Unmasking, and……!
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Please stay safe! Feel free to comment and I hope you all have a nice day!

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