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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 268

As with all rng equipment based grind games, I have immediately lost most of my interest and investment in Genshin.
I was doing lots of side quest things with the intention of just doing what I could do before moving on to the more difficult areas.
And the game decided to force a difficult level increase on me.

Now my DPS can’t keep up at all. The enemies have tens of thousand of health and I do 100 damage per hit on average.
I hate it when games punish you for not min-maxing dps.
I either need to spend a fortune getting better units for better combinations, or I need to stop doing what I was finding fun and do what they want me to do so I can play their game.
Awful design.

All I wanted to do was get collectibles and achievements before I moved on to the next town.
And now I spend thirty minutes fighting bosses and failing every time trial challenge there is.
Way to ruin it for me.

And it’s not like there’s a readily available fix too because upgrading my equipment needs items from the next town which is probably a nightmare to reach because all the enemy levels have doubled!

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