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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 264

So I have this idea for a short story but I have no idea how on Earth I would actually write it because it’s from the point of view of what would arguably be an animal.

But the basic premise is that some advanced human or alien civilization genetically engineered an ecosystem of large space organisms in place of building automated interplanetary infrastructure, and then long after that species went extinct or moved on that ecosystem kept on going.
So I’ve been building this map of how I imagine some form of ecosystem like this would operate.
Mainly for getting the necessary nutrients for organisms in space and moving them around. Given the artificial nature it’s all cooperation based so I focused on symbiotic relationships.

For example I thought of these really cool space fish that have these large photosynthetic and photoelectric frills that double as a form of locomotion for moving being planets. Then you could have these large jellyfish things that hover in the upper atmosphere of gas giants and collected gasses which they then exchange with the other organisms for the nutrients they need to live. And you could have these whale things that cruise through asteroid facilities to get the metal rich and water rich rocks.
So you could have the jellyfish and whales transfer material to the fish then they go towards the sun and use the sunlight for electrolysis and other processes to break them down and refine them, where they then fly back out to hand over the refined materials in exchange for the raw materials and the cycle repeats.

And you can expand to include each part of a chain needed for life. I think it’s strangely poetic.

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