Two as One Princesses Chapter 45

Hiya~! I’m barely on timeeeeeeeee (Hint: I wasn’t, completely late on my timezone) ~! More importantly, AinCiel~!

Last time on AinCiel: In the darkness of the night, 6 shadows approached a certain room. Armed with experience and vigilance, 3 entered through 3 different passageways, making sure not to waste all of their troops to an unknown predator. But alas! None of them moved more than two steps inside! Why? Because they fell to an unseen trap laid by the room’s prior guest! With unwavering resolve, the other two entered and fell all the same, and the one left behind continued bravely with his mission, the observation of the events that will transpire. However, a voice echoed from within the room, demanding the presence of those above the 6. Feeling a chill on his spine, the one remaining was forced to retreat after the second roar, luckily bringing home his comrades with blood still flowing through them. A day after he reported, he was faced with fear again, as though he was behind a wall of safety, he had witnessed his boss facing with the monster from the room, a young white haired witch. Though he was in fear, he was, at the same time, in awe of his master’s wits, as he was able stand and match the witch in cunning and speech, earning the respect of the dreadful white haired monster. The boss calmed the witch and would grant her request as long as it was within the bounds of their respect. With this, she asked for information, as well as the harbinger of this nearly calamitous mistake.

Wait, what was this story again? Anyway, with the merchants facing the white haired girl, what will be their end? Will they have something to pique our princesses’ interest? What let to this event happening in the first place? And will our princesses still have a good room by the end of this?

Find out in the next chapter: Reason, Demands, and……!

I had too much fun but about this lateness, absolutely my fault. You may have noticed the Hololive wave crashing against our shores on some editors and translators, and let me say this, I’m one of the people that flooded the discord with VTubers to drag more victims at the earlier times when it still wasn’t that popular, so I absolutely should have fixed my time management skills by now and I should’ve just made a simpler summary… But alas.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Please stay safe! Feel free to comment and I hope you all have a nice day!

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