Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 231

I have a few different topics I could talk about today but I’m really tired and can’t be asked to choose one.
I wonder why I’m so tired, it’s not even that late by my standards.
Maybe I slept really well last night? Or really poorly?
I had a really weird dream you know.

It was in a world sort of like Misfit of Demon King Academy, but I was from a realm where magic didn’t work. And I was concerned that when the realms recombined there would be this massive destructive war between this magicless realm and the magical ones.
I can’t really remember details though.

Also I’ll make sure to double mention it here. My PC is currently dead so I’m working from laptop and it’s really inconvenient because of how old and battered this thing is.

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» Vol. 2: Chapter 76 «

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