Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 229

So the recent heat, combined with the position of my figure shelf above my PC has caused one of my figures to warp slightly.
Well just one of the accessories, but basically the resin used for Ereshkigals lance is semi transparent and the way it slots in place means there’s a lot of stress applied to its centre as she grips it in her hand and it clips into the base.
So under the recent onslaught of abnormal heat the resin has slowly bent out of shape to conform to the angle at which she holds it which has caused it to become almost horizontal instead of perfectly vertical.

I don’t know how I will fix this, or if I even can. I didn’t even consider it until I looked up and noticed something off.
I’ll have to consult my engineer of a stepdad. Otherwise I might just try spinning it round if I can and making her hold it in the opposite direction and bend it back into shape haha.

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» Vol. 2: Chapter 74 «

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