Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 227

I finally decided which of my two OCs named Eleanor will get to keep the name and become ‘canon’.
I think in my heart I knew which one I loved more all along I just refused to acknowledge it like a parent would about their favourite child.
Look we all know they have favourites! It’s obvious.

But yeah.
The fight was between the wish-fulfilment waifu or the wish-fulfilment imouto waifu.
The reason I was so attached to the waifu was just how long she’s been a character concept I have carried between setting and setting. As part of my own like headcanon multiverse.
But in the end it is the overpowered hero imouto that won the day, I’m just more of a fan of her. Maybe it’s a sign of my improvement as a writer?

Yeah. Must be that.

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