Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 219

So I’m going to once again say, make sure to read my previous ramble!
There’s a giveaway event for some exclusive Lily and Nanako merch!
Want to reserve a keychain in advance~? Go the the discord ASAP!

Anyway I’ve got really stuck in to Satisfactory, and I’m looking forward to how this game evolves in the future too!
I’ve been enjoying noticing the little differences from older lets plays. And I have to say all the changes made are really well thought out.
My only complaint is the increased demand for water in the newer updates making the “easy” starting spot ironically more difficult.
For example, coal power used to only need coal but now it needs coal and water. There’s only two viable sources of water in the newcomer suggested starting zone.

Well it wasn’t too much of a problem for me because I went exploring and stuff and found an ideal spot for me. You should watch my backlog on twitter and enjoy my adventure with me!

Click the Link to Start Reading:
» Vol. 2: Chapter 64 «

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