Not Sure, Another World Chapter 84

I was watching Misfit of Demon Academy and they constructed this castle out of magic for a duel.
“That Castle as a really odd shape with a long keep and twin towers at the front, wonder if that’s deliberate.” I thought to myself.
Later on they go to use their ultimate magic attack.
“It’s not gonna be something cliche like they manifest a giant cannon between the towers is it?”
Promptly begins to construct a giant artillery cannon in the middle of the castle

Ah yes. This is why I still watch dumb fun cliche anime.
The entire scene was just

I am a sucker for big cannons like that. The bit in Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere where they install the gravity cannon and then do a flip in that giant ship to punch a hole through the enemies formation was such an unf moment in the novels. I’m glad they animated it a bit in the finale celebration OVA.

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