Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 217

Rather than using my pre-chapter ramble to talk about important things like anime updates, novel releases, world news or other boring things; I’m gonna shamelessly advertised here.
When this chapter goes live I am probably in the middle of streaming on twitch. Assuming I haven’t gone for a dinner break. Might have done that.
Well anyway you can catch me streaming after my dinner break too anyway. Will let you know.
Probably playing Satisfactory…might be Valkyria. Depends on my mood.

Oh right actually I do have something important to talk about that isn’t shameless advertising.
Would you guys suggest I commission some art of my original characters or continue saving for a potential GPU upgrade?
Or a bit of both, save some money for the GPU and get one piece of art done but skip out on some new games for a bit?
Decisions decisions.

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» Vol. 2: Chapter 62 «

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