Not Sure, Another World Chapter 82

Since I’m in charge of scheduling like three different novels now I have long since lost track of which novels I have mentioned what things on in my pre-chapter rambles.
So I now consider all of my posts as part of the Robinxen Ramble Continuity where each one is a direct sequel to the previous one and therefore I don’t have to bother with keeping track.
For you guys that only read these (and I love you guys that actually do read these) for the novels that I happen to schedule for you this may lead to some gaps but oh well.

Anyway you may or may not know that I have tried many times to write a novel but I am a lazy person and get blocked easily.
One of the novels I got closest to publishing was when Scribble Hub first launched (actually I think my page for it still exists).

Anyway the character I was using for reference (which I originally found on google looking for copyright free art. Spoiler: She isn’t copyright free) is from a game.
Turns out that game got an anime movie last year which goes to bluray in the next few months.

Basically this means that the original embodiment of my OC will be making a cameo in a movie I guess.
I need some original art done of my original character.
You’re probably wondering what game this is?!

Well the answer comes in three forms:
Alchemist Code
Dare ga Tame no Alchemist
For Whom the Alchemist Exists

Weirdly the anime movie took an isekai route for some reason. The actual game has no isekai elements except collab events.

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