Life with a Tail Chapter Side Story 4

Another side story?! When will the story pick up again? Just kidding~ I’ll take whatever I can get. The lewdness also continues.

Anyways, this is it, huh. The genuine end of Life with a Tail until the author writes another chapter. Here are some words from the translator of Tail, PunishedLyly a.k.a Lyly.

Lyly: “Thank you for reading Tail! I hope this series brightened up your day as it did mine. I really hope that the author comes back from whatever paperwork hell he might have been sharing with the Leader. Still, once again, I’m glad that you enjoyed it!”

Lyly will now be set free of this novel. He’ll be translating “Succubus’ Life in Another World” next.

Now, a couple of words from me. Similar to Lyly’s, I hope you enjoyed this diabetes-filled novel. It’s quite a fun novel. Though, it is obvious that story isn’t the main point of this. It’s about Natsuki’s and Ruti’s life together while developing friendships along the way. In short, a wholesome story. It was fun reading all of your comments and while I don’t often reply to them, I do indeed read them all. I’ll still be working with Lyly and publishing the Succubus novel next. Besides that, you can find me on a couple of other novels on this site like “A Wild Last Boss”, “I Am a Succubus”, and “Pupil of the Wiseman”.

See you all next time, and maybe, when the author writes a new chapter. It’ll be a surprise~

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