Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 211

I finished reading Warlock of the Magus World today.
Didn’t really like it. The story was okay but the character writing just wasn’t right to me.
The author seemed overall competent but was trying too hard to make the main character different.

I get that he was a pragmatist but there was a lot of plot threads and character development in the supporting cast that were just cut because of his decisions, and it felt really pointless.
Like they spent several chapters developing one character only to abandon them and that never get mentioned ever again.
Or entire groups developed only to use them as fodder for the MC to stand on.
Or he’d give a boon to some random character for whatever reason, then that character would never show up again.
Or there’d be foreshadowing of an event but the main character would just sidestep it entirely making all the buildup null.

It just felt…pointless?
Why bother getting invested in any characters that will probably never be relevant again.

The lack of romance killed it too, but that’s a minor gripe. When A Mage Revolts is far superior and that also didn’t have romance.

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