My Loli Brother Chapter 7

And here comes a new chapter of My Loli Dude! Initially, I just called it that way as a joke, but now it sticks with me. But wow, I didn’t release a chapter for one week and people are already asking me if I’ve dropped it, lol.

To answer that question, however, no I haven’t dropped it, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be translating this for the long term either. As I previously stated, these are just teasers. I will translate randomly at my own pace or whenever I have free time, then maybe at some point I will stop and pick up a different teaser to translate. And when we finally got enough funds to hire more translators, we will pit all these teasers against each other in a once-in-a-millennia vote and let the readers decide which teasers they want to read the most.

And lastly, the reason I didn’t translate last week is because our translator for Demon Sword Maiden (Maiden of the Cursed Blade) has to stop due to official reason so I had to take over the translation of Sword Maiden for a week. Now that we’ve found a replacement translator for Demon Sword Maiden, I can finally go back to do my own thing now.

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