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Chapter 7 – Frontier City Management is too strict and…?

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1484 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1005 words
Editor(s): Fire, HydraMeme

Two days later, at the frontier of Saint Nouveau Empire, Brent City.

This city isn’t too big nor too small, but the hundred-meter tall wall still left a strong impression on me. This could actually be due to my loli body, but every word that left my mouth sounded like a child from the countryside shouting in admiration when entering a big city for the first time.

“So taaaaaaall…”
“Stay sharp will you?!” Muqing shouted from the barbecue stand at one side of the road while holding three roasted skewers on her hands.

They look quite delicious.

“You guys want some?”

Nangong and I didn’t reply as we continued to stare at the top of the wall.

“Just… what are you two looking at?”

After paying for the skewers, Muqing joined us to gaze up at the wall.

“……What the #[email protected]%…”

Can you guess what we saw? I bet you wouldn’t have imagined it even if you wracked your brain.

On top of the wall, we saw a black-ish figure scaling it. If we didn’t notice the information window that popped up on top of his head, we wouldn’t have thought that he’s actually a person.

If I am to describe it more directly, that person looked just like an assassin from a certain creed.1

“Let me confirm this first, is that really a person?”
“Are we really in an RPG world, and not a certain Creed?”
“Then, what is that person doing…?”
“How are we supposed to know?”

Nangong and I turned our head simultaneously to cast a sidelong glance at Muqing.

Meh, let’s forget about it, it’s best to ignore this kind of situation. The average level of the city guard is around five to six anyway, the three of us won’t make any differences. At worst, we could be mistaken as someone suspicious and get taken into custody…

Then we wouldn’t be able to finish that main quest.

With that in mind, I chewed on the meat skewer while following the two into the city.

The structure was more or less the same as the other cities or towns I’ve seen. The stalls selling refreshment and snacks were all concentrated within fifty meters of the gate, and beyond that were the more authorized NPC stores such as the clothing store or blacksmith.

To be honest, I was a little baffled at the setting of the towns; did the townsfolk not eat snacks or something?

While I was thinking that, I tugged Muqing’s shirt and placed my other hand on the shoulder of a passer-by.

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“Um… may I ask something, why is it that the refreshment stalls are set at the outer part of the city and not in the city?”

I asked with the same childlike voice as ever.

The uncle cast a slightly doubtful look at me, then at Muqing and Nangong. After which, he shook his hand and said, “Who knows, I’ve heard that the management of mobile stalls like these are very strict, and there’s also a rumor that the city lord’s daughter doesn’t like the smell of roasted skewers, thus they’re all to be set up at the outskirts of the city.”

“I see… so that’s how it is, thanks.”

The uncle bid us farewell with a wave, leaving us standing in the middle of the street.

“If there’s a city lord here, maybe we can get some clues from him?”
“No way, not when we’re dressed like this…”

Muqing bowed her head to look at her own skintight clothes, then she shifted her gaze to my crude robe and Nangong’s blackish light armor.

Our situation could be roughly summed up like this:

A poor twenty-year-old Ranger wandering around with a sixteen-year-old female Thief and a twelve-year-old loli Mage…

Thinking about it this way, there’s no way we would enter the discerning eyes of the nobles in this kind of getup.

“Should we change our outfits?”
“One thousand gold can only afford us one thousand bottles of beginner potions.2
“Then, what are we supposed to do…?”

Without any tips, conditions, or directions on how we should go about with the main quest, we really got the urge to drag God down from the high heavens and beat them up.

Nangong suddenly thought of something and scanned the nearby street.

“Hm? Did you find anything?”
“It seems like… there’s a bit of a disturbance over there?”
“A disturbance? In the city? What are the guards doing?”

Oi, do you really think the guards here are on the level of the police force in a *certain Creed?*

I couldn’t help but retort to Muqing’s comment in my mind.

But anyway~ since an event has showed up, is it finally our turn to make an appearance? ……

Before I could finish my thought, I was dragged by Nangong and Muqing as they made a quick dash towards the opposite side.

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“Heeeeeeey…! W-what’re you doing?!”
“Just get down, you idiot!”

A loud explosion suddenly rang in my ears and shook my brain.

I could feel my consciousness leaving my body for an instant before it gets pulled back into my body. The three of us fell onto the ground with a heavy thud and our vision turned black for a moment, but the HP bar on the upper left continued to work as usual and dropped slightly.

Oow… my head hurts… I can’t even speak like this…

While I was complaining in my head, Muqing and Nangong pulled me up as they looked behind them in a daze.

“…What… just happened…?”

There was a mushroom cloud rising into the air from the nearby plaza.

Nuclear explosion?!

That was my first thought, but I quickly reminded myself: This is a game yo! There’s no way a nuclear bomb exists! Even if it does, shouldn’t it wait until we’re at LV90?!

Once I reached LV90, I should be able to use rank 9 magic, but could a rank 9 magic really defend against a nuclear bomb?

Nobody could tell for sure.


  1. Reference to Assassin’s Creed
  2. Hydra: no smaller unit of money?
    Silva: not quite sure, it literally said “gold” in the raw. Maybe we could turn those into “gil” instead, but… I’m afraid the author will pull out silver and copper coins later xD

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