Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 193

It seems like my antics on Phantasy Star Online 2 has got most the ReLibrary discord invested too now!
Oh no!
It’s a shame I’m not the Alliance leader of my Alliance because I forced my friend to make it instead. What a regret.
Oh well, you can’t change the past. I wish they’d add an Alliance system that’s actually capable of handling these things though. It’s so obsolete and in need of an overhaul but at least it’s fun enough!
Also I may have spent more money on it. Oops.

If you also want to join us, play on Ship 3: Thorn and use my code! 10649092
It gives me stuff.
Do it.
Even if you don’t play it ever.

Click the Link to Start Reading:
» Vol. 2: Chapter 38 «

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