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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 191

I guess I should use this pre-chapter ramble to discuss Dungeons and Dragons!
If any of you have been following a while and have good memory you may recall Lucien Einhart, the Cavalier.
Well things have taken a strange turn for the DM because the place we happened to visit from Waterdeep handbook happened to be owned by an established Paladin of Torm! Which also just so happens to be in perfect alignment with Luciens character. Lucien himself is a squire and not actually of noble rank, so strictly speaking he needs a ‘master’ and it seems like my DM won’t need to worry about fabricating a character for that role.

Also my hero complex knight will finally get some proper action next session.

It still sucks only have two gold to my name. Literally.
Lucien has turned down all the quest rewards he could have earned so far because of his Code which he can’t break.

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