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[Original] I am a Succubus!

Existing news guys! We got exclusive permission to host I am a Succubus! webnovel series on Re:Library! This is an original Gender Bender webnovel written by Jammin’ Rabbit in collaboration with Tamaya Kagiya‘s visual novel of the same name.

Tamaga Kagiya is a visual novel developer currently working on gender bender comedy Visual Novel with high sexual content called “I am a Succubus!” You can check out their kickstarter project on this page:

Though the kickstarter project is already closed, it should give you an idea of the visual novel they’re currently working on. The estimated delivery date is August 2021. I am pretty excited for the launch of this game, it’s a shame that I missed my chance to fund the kickstarter project, but I’ll be sure to buy the game when it becomes available for sale!

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