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[New Series] Hero’s Redo

And Re:Library brings to you… a new Gender Bender novel!!! Hero’s Redo ~ A Hero That Once Saved the World Reborn as a Girl ~ is a slice of life action story about a hero who was traumatized by politics and people afraid of him for being too powerful, so the mage in his party decided to turn him into a girl. But he was so traumatized to interact with humans that he just hid inside the mountains until two girls who came to the mountain were caught in danger. After saving them, they decided to bring her to their town to pay her back for helping them. Thus begins the new life of our traumatized hero.

The original plan was to start this project next month when we finish Female Knight & Dark Elf, but the project was pushed forward thanks to one of our sponsors. Therefore, we commissioned a temporary translator (who I’m not going to name) to do the first batch, but even after one whole month, we still get nothing from said translator, and this is the only chapter we end up with. Even so, the quality of the translation is so bad it’s giving me headache just to proofread it. Fortunately or unfortunately, we even have had to make two of our Patrons edit for us, I’m gonna build a shrine to worship Exisero-sama and Yanga-sama.

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